Monday, February 21, 2011

Highway 62

is Mennonite country
January 28, 2011
Somewhere between Belleville and Madoc

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Crazzy Dave

OTTAWA, Ont. (06/02/11)-- Dave Dessler, locally known as Crazzy Dave, in his apartment at the La Fayette in the Byward Market. Dessler spent three years living on the streets of the Market area, and supported himself by selling poetry, which he wrote on pieces of cardboard paper. Ontario Works helped Dessler get off the streets and get this apartment in which he has been living for over a year now. He recently acquired a computer and is now taking courses in Algonquin College for computer software, along with digitizing his creative writing. Dessler will have his own art show this summer at La Petite Mort Gallery in Ottawa.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hopes for Egypt

BELLEVILLE, Ont. (01/02/11)-- Muhammad Saleh in his convenient store, on Bridge street West. Saleh was kicked out of Egypt shortly after he completed his university studies in Cairo. After being kicked out of Egypt and jailed for days in Jordan for reasons he still does not understand, he moved to Edmonton, Alta., before settling down in Belleville. Saleh said the people of Egypt have woken up and he hopes Mubarak will step down so that freedom and democracy can finally take his place.

My full story on our college newspaper, the Pioneer

Joys of Winter

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Small Pond Arts

PICTON, Ont. (29/01/11)-- Mile Murtanovski and Krista Dalby moved to Picton last year to create an artists' playground. Their home, Small Pond Arts, is now a gallery, studio, and artists' residence. On their property, they host the Festival of the Stick, a music festival, shadow puppetry show, and other events around spring and summer time. "Moving here was the best long term decision we made," Mile said. Krista said "one of my dreams of coming here was creating our own universe and inviting people to come play with us in our universe."

Sunday, February 6, 2011

One Man Marathon

BELLEVILLE, Ont. (28/01/11)-- Gordon Smith stretches before going on a run along highway 62 from Belleville to Madoc on Friday, January 28, 2011. Smith took on the 43 km marathon distance run, to raise awareness and promote the idea that fitness goals can be accomplished without the blanket of an organization, but through a community initiative. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Small Business Owner

BELLEVILLE, Ont. (11/01/11)-- Jane Nicol owns The Village Shoppe and Bridal Salon on 286 Front Street, Belleville, Ontario. Nicol has owned the business since 1987 when she took it off her mother's hands. Nicol said she had wanted to take over the business but did not want it that early, but her mother's sickness made it necessary. Despite having to work many hours, the perks about having your own business, Nicol says, is that you have wonderful customers and make a lot of really great friendships. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Almost there

With less than two months left in this crazy little town, here's a quick tour.

A Sunday morning, downtown Belleville from my window.

Saturday Farmers' Market

Regent Theatre, Picton

Bridge St. East

Backs of downtown buildings along the Moira River path

City Hall