Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last bits as an intern: Jets and Elections

 August 31, 2011 - From left, Jean and Gerry Roch, their daughter, Olivia, and her boyfriend, Patrick Piche, couldn't get their hands on season tickets for the Winnipeg Jets. Instead, they prepared for the season with a new 60-inch plasma TV in the basement of the Roch family home. (HADAS PARUSH / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)
September 2, 2011 - Manitoba Liberal Party leader, Jon Gerrard, met with media on Friday at the FoodFare grocery store, on the corner of Corydon and Lilac, to make an announcement pledging to allow retail operators to set their own hours, as part of his campaign for the provincial elections on October 3. (HADAS PARUSH / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Val Wagner

August 30, 2011
 A collection of records and old radios surround Val Wagner, who was born without sight. Wagner, who has been a musician since he was a young boy, had his piano tuning tools stolen from him while paying at the cash of a Tim Horton's on Thursday.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Swollen Lake

A day out on the boat with Bartley Kives, who is not only a fantastic reporter, but also very good at digging boats out of very deep and muddy swamps.
There is a lot of water here that just doesn't seem to go away, and I am so glad I was smart enough to buy those rubber boots on my epic drive over to Manitoba.
To the Netley-Libau wetland we went to hear the story of brothers Dennis and Jim Anderson.
 Jim Anderson points to a location on a map of the Netley-Libau wetlands where he and his brother, Dennis grew up, before going out on their boat to explore the changes to the marsh and the beaches due to rising water levels of Lake Winnipeg. August 22, 2011. (HADAS PARUSH / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)
 Jim Anderson looks at the marsh where he grew up in Libau, Manitoba. The marsh has been flooded over the last few months by water flowing in from Lake Winnipeg.
Dennis Anderson trudges through deep mud in the Netley-Libau wetlands
 Brothers Dennis (left) and Jim Anderson tour the forests and what's left of the disappearing beaches they grew up on near the Netley-Libau wetlands.
Dennis Anderson is seen on his boat overlooking driftwood that has piled up on a shore along Lake Winnipeg from overflowing and rising water levels. 

Read the story here:

Friday, September 2, 2011

Winnipeg Sports

Bombers quarterback, Buck Pierce, in the home game against the Edmonton Eskimos on Friday, August 5, 2011(HADAS PARUSH / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)
Albin Choi dropped his club in frustration at hole 14 during the Canadian Mens Golf tournament at Niakwa Country Club, Saturday. August 13, 2011. (HADAS PARUSH / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)
St. Paul Saints' Adam jumps over Goldeyes' Louis Ott in a failed attempt to stop Ott from making second base, Tuesday night at Shaw Park. August 16, 2011. (HADAS PARUSH / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)

Goldeyes' Brian Myrow hit a strike in the homegame against St. Paul Saints, Tuesday night. August 16, 2011. (HADAS PARUSH / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)

Bombers Head Coach Paul La Police speaks to his team after practice on Sunday. August 21, 2011. (HADAS PARUSH / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)