Thursday, September 8, 2011

Swollen Lake

A day out on the boat with Bartley Kives, who is not only a fantastic reporter, but also very good at digging boats out of very deep and muddy swamps.
There is a lot of water here that just doesn't seem to go away, and I am so glad I was smart enough to buy those rubber boots on my epic drive over to Manitoba.
To the Netley-Libau wetland we went to hear the story of brothers Dennis and Jim Anderson.
 Jim Anderson points to a location on a map of the Netley-Libau wetlands where he and his brother, Dennis grew up, before going out on their boat to explore the changes to the marsh and the beaches due to rising water levels of Lake Winnipeg. August 22, 2011. (HADAS PARUSH / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)
 Jim Anderson looks at the marsh where he grew up in Libau, Manitoba. The marsh has been flooded over the last few months by water flowing in from Lake Winnipeg.
Dennis Anderson trudges through deep mud in the Netley-Libau wetlands
 Brothers Dennis (left) and Jim Anderson tour the forests and what's left of the disappearing beaches they grew up on near the Netley-Libau wetlands.
Dennis Anderson is seen on his boat overlooking driftwood that has piled up on a shore along Lake Winnipeg from overflowing and rising water levels. 

Read the story here:

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