Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ottawa Race Weekend

This was a whole lot of fun. The media pass I got turned out to be pretty limited, so most of my shots were taken along the running routes where I got away from the masses and found lots of nice features.
Please see more shots here: http://hadasparushphoto.carbonmade.com/

29/05/10, Saturday

Elite athletes lead the 10K race to the finish line on Queen Elizabeth Driveway

Jessica Reddin plays with leafs as her family watches the 10k Race participants run by.

Right to left: David Wright, Dan Thomsom, and Andrea Proulx keep the enthusiasm and morale high, cheering on to the very last participants of the 10K race on Saturday evening, repeatedly yelling: "Enjoy it while it lasts! It's almost over!"

Temporary bridge over Queen Elizabeth Driveway, 400m from Finish line.
End of day one of the Ottawa Race Weekend.

30/05/10-- Sunday

Elgin Street

Victoria Klassen and Emily Hare; volunteers on Sussex Street

Mathieu Dupont enjoys his morning coffee on Sunday as he watches the Marathon and Half Marathon participants run by outside his house on Sussex Street. Dupont watches the races every year for the last 10 years he's been living in that house.

Derek St. Pierre rests while watching the Marathon and Half Marathon participants run by on Mackenzie Street, Sunday.


  1. i always enjoy when people post comments, SO IM GONNA POST ONE FOR YOU!

    i havn't been up to date with your blog lately! or..you for that matter.

    but it looks like you've got your summer shooting under control.

    keep me posted and please get your ass to ns. can you believe its june already. (are you coming back next year?)

    anyways, i hope you dont mind but i am going to link you on my blog. if only for ease of access for my sake :P

    keep me posted girlfriend ^_^

  2. Great photos!!