Saturday, October 16, 2010

An Update, or In Search for Enlightened Words

October 16, 2010-- Belleville, Ontario

In order to "give a meaning" to the world, one has to feel oneself involved in what one frames through the viewfinder. 
-- Henri Cartier-Bresson.  

I have great assignments. The particular one I wish to address here is exactly what I am doing right now: a blog entry, for my web design and portfolio class.
I am required to make an entry that somehow defines me as a photographer or journalist.

While I would love to make some inspiring and enlightened statements about what makes me "tick" as a photojournalist,  I'm not sure I am quite there yet. This is but one of many many blog entries of my continual growth as a photojournalist.

I came a long way from my first post on this blog. My purpose in creating it was so that I would continue to shoot on a regular basis with the need to update my blog serving as a continuous drive to keep shooting and bettering myself every time.
Im happy to say that I think I have been pretty successful in fulfilling that goal. I managed to remind myself why I do what I do, and it made me re-fall in love with my greatest passion. And, somewhere along the way, I gained greater confidence as well as a sense of professionalism as a photographer and photojournalist.

So, having somewhat recovered from the initial rush of back-to-school, here is some self-reflection.

We are social creatures, but I think we build so many walls around us that we tend stop ourselves from engaging, when we could potentially be discovering entire worlds we never dared to learn about. Photography serves as my connection to these worlds; to people and their stories.

If there is one thing that truly drives me as a photojournalist, it is the potential of opportunity behind every moment. "Tick."

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