Monday, May 10, 2010

China Town Remixed

May 8, 2010
First day of the China Town Remixed Festival, where Ottawa artists are featured on Somerset Street, in restaurants, cafes, convenient stores... Indeed, a remix: Asian food aromas mixed with pen and ink drawings; DJ beats and colourful photographs; migrating entertainers; hoola hoops outside the bank, and a reflection on femininity on your way to the corner store.

Artwork on display in a shop window

Dj Chris Ikonomopoulos at Shanghai restaurant

Moss, the hand puppet, and Grant Harding, formed part of the casual street entertainment at the festival;
China Doll in the background.

 Giselle Gotty, right, and Willyssa Thunderpuss, left, are female impersonators and were part of the entertainment during the China Town Remixed festival. When they are not performing, Willyssa works for the government, and Giselle is an accountant.

 Lisa Zimmerman has been hoola-hooping for only less than a year, and learned everything she knows from Youtube. Zimmerman grew up in Montreal, spent 10 years in New Zealand, and upon returning to Canada last year, had the free time to invest in mastering this new skill. She makes and sells her own hoops, which, she says, are wider and with a better grip, and so more user friendly than the standard hoops available anywhere. 

 Natalie Fournier is a performance artist.
"Some artists use paint, some use clay. I use myself and objects; sometimes it takes 10 minutes, sometimes all day."
The red dress, which Fournier says deals with issues of femininity, took her several hours to sew together, while standing outside this corner store.

A piece by Daniel Martelock

Collaborative street art

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