Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Saturday Morning in the Life of Shahar Parush

My little bro is growing up... *sigh*
Jewish tradition requires every male turning 13 years old to have a Bar Mitzva; basicallly read a story from the Old Testament (the Jewish Bible) in front of all his family and friends, and making a huge day-long event from it, culminating in eating a lot of food and drinking a lot of wine.
This is extra challenging, I think, for someone growing up in Canada, where such a ceremony is only celebrated among a select few... while all his friends might be playing with the latest and greatest video game, my little brother Shahar is at home practicing reading the Torah in a language which he has almost completely forgotten since he was 6 years old when we moved to Canada.
Also, he would probably hate me right now for this.

Learning to balance work and play.

A regular position my brother assumes around the house.

Answering the dreaded call of duty (pun intended)

and 5 minutes later, taking a break.

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