Monday, August 2, 2010

August Long Weekend - Side Shows

So I've decided to organize my shots from this weekend by theme rather than by day, since this way it might appear to make more sense.

Here are some snaps of little events that I went to / stumbled upon, in between the major events (Rideau Canal Festival and Ottawa Buskerfest in the next few posts) of the long weekend.

31/07/10-- Muslim Summer Festival
Britannia Beach, Ottawa

31/07/10-- City Hall, Ottawa
A small hand drumming group playing to the last few cyclists finishing off their Rideau Canal bike route at City Hall during an event that combined the Rideau Canal Festival, the Ottawa Chamber Fest, and the environmental cause. 

And the above mentioned event was subtly interrupted by this parade of Navy Cadets marching down Laurier Avenue to City Hall. 

31/07/10-- Byward Market, Ottawa
Amazingly, there were still a lot of other buskers around the market putting on shows besides the Buskerfest. A couple of b-boys from Montreal in town for a competition.

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