Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Motke Blum brings in his canvas with easel from outside his studio on the Artists' Lane (Hutsot HaYotser) outside the Old City of Jerusalem on May 17, 2011, before locking up his studio for the day.

This is the story I worked on while spending time in Jerusalem, interning at Flash 90 photo agency.
Motke Blum is an 86-year-old painter and Holocaust survivor. He lives in Jerusalem and works out of his studio on the heritage site of the Artists' Lane, just outside the Jaffa Gate to the Old City of Jerusalem. He is of the founding artists of the Lane.
 Much of Blum's paintings deal with the horrors of the Holocaust. Blum sometimes paints simple white paintings in order to take a break from the dark Holocaust paintings.
 Many other paintings and mixed media pieces entertain the imagination and can appeal to many different tastes.
 He will make a joke every time someone walks into his studio, which is small and cluttered with artworks everywhere and in no particular order, saying he's got little people in the back who do all the work for him.
 This is one story of one artist from the Artists' Lane. 

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